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About Us

We offer a wide range of expertise to support mechanical engineering requirements.

Supply Nation Certified

We are 100% indigenous owned and operated.

We are proud to be fully certified with the leading Indigenous “business to business” network Supply Nation.

Supply Nation is Australia’s leading Indigenous Business listing and drives the spend and focus on Indigenous businesses.

Supply Nation has worked with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses along with procurement teams from government and corporate Australia since 2009.

Through Supply Nation, we are able to connect with organisations seeking Indigenous contractors and create a culturally aware workforce that respects and recognises the traditional owners of this land.

Businesses must be verified through Supply Nation’s world-leading 5-step verification process and are regularly audited for continued ownership by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander owners.

Quality ISO 9001 Certified

The company has sought and gained ISO 9001 certification.

This benchmarks all our processes against industry standard to ensure that our quality systems are managed and updated to meet the demands of industry.